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William Morris Gallery
Check also their facebook page

A promotional video for a wedding stationery

Explainer video about PFI deals

Corporate Trailer: Ic-Career Coaching

3D-Trailer – Version

2D Trailer -Version

Official Version selected by the client

Please also look at the Case Study – One Film – 3 different versions’ If you want to know more about our client:

Feature Film 'Rubicon or: Let's talk about Hell'

This is the alternative trailer for 'Rubicon or: Let's talk about Hell'. The film is available on vimeo or bluray Check it here

Official Trailer.
Trailer from Vimeo on Feature here.

Kindertasia, a children Youtube channel

Paul, the jet - episode 1

Paul, the jet - episode 2

Paul, the Jet Episode 1 (360Degree).
The 360Degree film is a spin off of 'Paul, the Jet' to experiment with this new format.

Learn the Alphabet with Ally (short version)

Learn the Alphabet (long version)

Colours with Ally

There are six films published so far.

Other short personal movies

Cortinas en Bs.As

Shot during a visit in Buenos Aires, 'Cortinas en bs.As.' is a personal impressionist essay about Tango and Buenos Aires shortly after the Argentinian financial crisis.

(Please note that the film was shot in the DV format.)

Havana Tango 2001

Cuba may be known for Salsa and Rumba, but there is a small community celebrating Tango. One afternoon there was this concert of homegrown celebrities in Havana and suddenly it seemed that Tango must have been borne in Havana. (Please note that the film was shot in the DV format.)